Social Media and Churches

This is an article about churches not using social media. I originally looked at taking this class to help better understand social media and how it can help promote a church via social media. The main reasons are because I help maintain the website and Facebook page. After reading the syllabus I was not sure if I wanted to use the church I attend as my class project. At this point I am still unsure, but will roll with it for now and see how it works out.

Week 2 Article:

Three reasons why churches don’t use social media

My question:

Do you think churches should use social media?


2 responses to “Social Media and Churches

  1. I think churches could utilize social media to maintain a daily relationship with current members, as well as by providing information to those searching for a new location. Twitter could be an avenue to sharing daily verses, quotes, or events.

  2. Yes, I think churches can benefit from using social media. The tool enables the church to stay connected to their members and potentially increase membership. Social Media can be used to promote the areas where the church gives back to the community. Is the church involved in international aid to the poor? You could highlight the church’s efforts in this area, or possibly, the church gives back to the local community in some way. Write about how the church gives back in locally or globally and then connect relevant blogs and/or articles to your post. Good luck.

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